Hi. I’m Chris. 
One of my very favorite hobbies is ultra-light backpacking. I love being able to strap on a pack with the bare essentials and get lost in the woods for days at a time. For the longest time I’ve been on a perpetual quest to discover and collect the lightest gear to make my outdoor quests as efficient as possible. I’d obsessively get out a kitchen scale to weigh my equipment piece by piece creatively looking for ways to cut 5 oz. here and 2 oz. there. However, for years I nonsensically overlooked the heaviest and bulkiest piece of gear that I was lugging up and down the trail…my 40 lbs. of extra body fat. Duh!

McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail. The pic on the left was the heaviest I'd ever been, which made climbing to the top of this mountain unbearable and excruciating. The pic on the right is me a year later, 40 lbs. lighter, and 5 waist sizes smaller. Backpacking is way easier now...and a lot more fun!

Through most of my adulthood, I could eat whatever I wanted (and in whatever quantity I wanted!) and not gain a pound. I just chalked it up to lucky genes. When I hit my late 30’s however, things took a predictable turn for the worse. Year after year, the bathroom scale needle began trending upwards and it was becoming increasingly more difficult to squeeze into my favorite pair of 501’s. Before I knew it, I was forty pounds overweight, constantly lethargic, frequently sick, and lacking overall motivation.

Photo shoot for the cover of "Dad Bod" magazine circa 2008. My "lucky genes" and super metabolism beginning to fail me in my late 30's.

So I made a commitment to eat less and exercise more. That didn’t work for me at all! I lacked the simple willpower and self-control to stop eating delicious junk foods. And after two years of 6 day a week trips to the gym making myself miserable on cardio machines, I hadn’t lost a single pound of body fat. I felt frustrated, perplexed, and embarrassed. I felt like a complete failure.

2 years of working out...and it wasn't really working out

In my unsuccessful attempts to look and feel better, I reluctantly solicited the help of a health coach. After just a few short months, he helped me to completely optimize my diet and workouts. I was finally able to see and feel the results of the scale moving downward. Even more importantly, I witnessed first-hand the significant impact that individualized and personalized coaching can have on achieving one’s health goals.
Even though I'm the healthiest I've ever been, I’m still just an average middle-aged guy. I’m not a body-builder, I’m not an ultra-marathoner, I’m not a UFC fighter, I’m not a tough mudder. I’m just a dude who’s interested in discovering the components of a healthy lifestyle and figuring out ways to optimize the process.
It's now my mission as a certified health coach to help you discover how to have an optimized life. Imagine what it would be like to have your own personal health coach who is 100% committed to seeing you become healthier, stronger, thinner, and full of energy. Imagine how that new found energy could unlock the person you were truly meant to be!
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